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We love Education and Art, so why not combine those two, to educate children in a new and innovative way. We are creating Coloring Pages where every alphabet and numbers has its own Characters, so it makes it an easy and fun learning experience for children.


In December 2017, we first launched our YouTube Channel Fun House Toys with many Drawing Tutorial and Coloring Videos. Later in 2018, we launched with Coloring Pages. 


We are happy to help educators and parents with teaching resources and fun printable pages. If you have any coloring page inquiries, suggestions or comments, please fill out our contact form.



The advantages of coloring

Coloring is a simple and fun activity that brings a lot of advantages, you may never hear of. For some of us, it is the most favorite pastime but not only that it is also a great educational tool to prepare your child for school. It sparks our imagination and gives us an opportunity to express ourselves. Give your child coloring pages of their favorite cartoons or animals and they will spend hours coloring it.

Let's talk about the benefits it will provide to your Child. Coloring involves self-expression, color recognition, motor skills, eye and hand coordination, and patience. All of it can help greatly in the development of your child. From the strength in their hands to proper hold a pencil to coloring a diagram and staying within the specified area. Coloring supports your child to learn the skill of patience and it gives a sense of accomplishment when she finishes a coloring page. It improves motor skills as well, the motions of holding the tools and scribbling with crayon can help in the development of the tiny muscles in his wrist, fingers and hands. Fine motor skills help your children to write and manipulate small objects. All in all, this can help your children to perform better academically.



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